Selling and the market-stall

On September 7th The Mexican and I headed to Glebe Markets for our first market day with Little Mexican Tienda.

It was hot and dusty, and election day.  I figured the election would work in my favour, since people were out-and-about whether they liked it or not, but the dry wind was less likely to.

The set-up was surprisingly quick, with mates arriving at a perfect time to be put to work hanging decorations!

It had helped to really think the design and set-up through prior to the day; I’d noted down some great tips on markets from these blogs:

Finders Keepers: 10 Tips Market Stalls

Baby Donkie: Top 5 Tips From a Market-Stall Newbie

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I made good sales, and learned lots.

What worked:

– Having internet on my phone so I could work on the website and business between sales

– The colourful decorations & latin music brought people in and helped them understand the energy of my brand

– The gear!  It was great to see a mix of people enjoy the different product lines, and to see that my hunch that people wanted fun, unique & ethical gifts for babies was right on. I loved seeing so many people grin as they looked through the ‘juansies‘ with messages like, ‘No Hablo Ingles’ and ‘Hay Leche?’ This told me that not only are they a popular product to sell; they’re a gift that will be well-received.

What will work, next time:

– A position that’s more ‘in the thick of it,’ as our spot at Glebe was on the outer edge

– Some products for sale under $10: Little Mexican hair-clips, badges or bibs so I have something for all budgets

– Having discount codes (on business cards) to give out for future internet shopping.  That way every person that comes through the market stall can reconnect with Little Mexican Tienda later, especially if they’re not sure about sizing on the day.  I don’t want to be that pushy salesperson pretending to be your best friend to make a sale.  An initiative like this gives me a way to make sure customers feel valued, and connect with people without doing that!

Tell me, what makes a market-stall work for you as a shall-holder or a customer?

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This Month

October is a month of boosting product content on the website, with lots of cute dresses and fun juansies to go up this week.  I’m also going to build my presence on Etsy which seems like a natural home for my products.

And as for markets? I will return to Glebe for sure, but have had a lot of recommendations to try Bondi, so keep an eye on the Market Dates page for updates later this month.

On a more sombre note…

You may have seen media coverage on severe floods and storms in Mexico in late September, affecting around 1 million people.

If you would like to help you can donate via the American Red Cross here, they’re partnering with the Mexican Red Cross to get sorely needed food, first aid, & cooking utensils to communities isolated by storm and flood damage.