Mexican goodness: Recipe for Agua Fresca

In the spirit of loving all things Mexican, I wanted to share a recipe for what I think is the world’s most refreshing summer drink; Agua Fresca.

It translates literally as ‘Fresh Water,’ but for the sake of authenticity (and exoticism) we’ll stick to Spanish original for this article.

The idea is to throw some watery-fruit (think any melon, guava, strawberries etc) with seeds and any thick skin removed into a blender with ice, a tiny bit of sugar, and a cup or two of water.

Blend, drain if you want (I prefer the good stuff so no draining in my kitchen) and serve super cold on a hot summer day.

This week I found a great trick so you can be prepared in advance – I chopped, peeled & seeded an entire cantaloupe (rockmelon), split the chucks into two separate zip-lock bags, and popped them in the freezer. Each portion would make plenty for 3 – 4 people. This gives you a colder, more refreshing drink when you’re ready to make it. When it’s hot and you most need the drink, all the effort is already out of the way!

Three hours later I blended a portion of the frozen cantaloupe for 2 minutes with the leaves of 3 sticks of mint, a small handful of ice-cubes, 1.5 cups of water, and two teaspoons of sugar, until all smooth.

Rockmelon for agua fresca 2013-10-10 14.43.27

You might like to add another full cup of water, which would be more traditional in Mexico where the consistency of the drink really is more similar to water.  I prefer an icy consistency closer to something like a frappe.

Anyways, following this recipe I made some inexplicably amazing Agua Fresca and won some massive brownie points with the Mexican!


Agua Fresca – super refreshing!

Some other great versions are below, and feel free to post your own variations in the comments!


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